Early Years Foundation

High quality early years provision can have a significant impact on children’s development, performance at school and their future life chances. Read more

Support in the early years

Schools Foundation

This programme is designed to help gifted athletes, talented musicians and academically bight children from poorer households. Read more

Throughout school life

Venture Foundation

Team building and leadership activities help unlock the potential in young people through discovery and adventure in the wild. Read more

Developing leadership skills

Apprentice Foundation

By accessing the wider network of local companies and organisations, EST is able to direct work placement and apprentice opportunities for young adults. Read more

Securing an apprenticeship

Quick news:
Two18 to use world's first validated empathy test. Take the test. Read more
Software company Cognisess in partnership with EST Foundation. Read more
August 2, 2011

Support Two18 Bath

EST is raising for £250,000 to set up and run Two18 Bath. The 500 campaign is targeting £500 from 500 businesses to help 500 less privileged children throughout Bath and North East Somerset.

For more information, to get involved or to donate to the 500 campaign please contact us. Read more

July 10, 2011

Emotion Test

Emotional intelligence is perhaps the most important social skill we can cultivate. EST & Two18 now has access to the world’s first scientifically validated empathy test for use in schools and colleges throughout the UK. Read more

Two18 Bath
Emotion Test
What we do

EST Foundation is a not for profit civic enterprise and charitable foundation whose purpose is to transform children’s lives and benefit local communities throughout towns and cities in the West Country.

Our Two18 campaign aims to provides a continuous and measurable programme of foundation stages – each providing young people with targeted support at different ages of their life; from age 2 to 18 years – from early years to their first job interview – underpinned by the latest cognitive and emotional intelligence software to help children realise their potential – whatever their background or academic ability.